LUMA's Core Strengths

  • The LUMA innovation completely eliminates the long standing problem that faces typical solar products known as the half life roof.

  • LUMA ships factory-direct with all the component parts.

  • The system is sold in a variety of standard or custom sizes.

  • The system installs quickly, reducing installation time and labor expense.

  • LUMA's system is aesthetically pleasing, and can be integrated with any type of roofing shingle.

  • The system is totally building integrated and qualifies for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points.

  • LUMA's system is the roof, as well as the solar generator. Roofing shingles and labor are not needed within the LUMA Solar Roof footprint.

Rebates & Incentives

There are solar rebates and credits everywhere. Learn about them today!

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A beautiful roof, a simple solution! Solar just got easier. The LUMA Resources Solar Rooftop System is simply put; the cleanest, easiest, and complete solar product available today. The LUMA staff will thoroughly answer every question and walk you through the process of making solar achievable. The wait is over and the time is now. Let LUMA take you from your good idea all the way, ending with money in your pocket.